Making Cold Chains Reliable

Monitor, analyze and control your Cold Chain


  • - Monitor Cold Chain with Tag360 sensors
  • - Central Monitoring Console
  • - Smart Notifications for breaches and events
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Advanced Analytics
  • - Predict and prevent unfavorable events
  • - Optimize reefer fleet and routes
  • - Manage inventory
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Automation and Control
  • - Automate operational processes
  • - Control refrigeration units
  • - Augment facility, fleet and field personnel
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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Manufacturers can retain efficacy of drugs and vaccines by maintaining appropriate ambient or box level temperature environments across the cold chain

Perishable and Processed Food

Horticulture, Meats and Packaged food companies can prevent significant spoilage losses by monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and gas

Milk and Dairy Products

Complex dairy cold chains can benefit significantly from temperature monitoring and FEFO based inventory management

End Point Refrigeration

Retail stores, Hospitals and Restaurant kitchens can achieve substantial energy savings by modulating refrigeration units' power through operational inputs

Team Tagbox

Adarsh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer

Adarsh has over 12 years of experience in providing Advanced Analytics solutions to Fortune 500 companies and business development. A MICA alumnus, he was a part of the core leadership team at Mu Sigma before starting TagBox.

Saumitra Singh
Chief Product Officer

Saumitra, an IIT Bombay alumnus, is a Product leader with focus on VLSI and Energy IoT. Over the last 12 years, he has held leadership positions in startups including Cosmic Circuits and Innorel Systems. Saumitra holds 9 US patents.

Sameer Singh
VP, Engineering

Sameer is passionate about research in Communication and Microcontroller AFEs. An IIT Madras alumnus, he has led R&D teams in Texas Instruments, Cadence and Cosmic Circuits. Sameer has also authored 2 IEEE publications.

Suhas Keshavamurthy
Cross-Platform Development

Suhas is a NIT-K alumnus and started his own e-bike venture called Wizark under NIT-K incubation. He has 4 years of experience in cross platform software development, with the last stint being at Sandisk.

Somesh Rai

Somesh is a Certified Decision Scientist and loves exploring new machine learning algorithms to solve Supply Chain problems. He has spent the last 3 years with Flipkart and Mu Sigma and worked on various supply chain initiatives

Krishnaveni Kumbaji
App Development

Krishnaveni is a seasoned web and mobile application expert. With over 12 years of experience with the likes of United Airlines and IBM, she is the backbone of TagBox's web and mobile platforms.

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