Our Story

TagBox was started with the vision of enabling organizations to make their Supply Chains more reliable. Tagbox's solutions lie at the intersection of Internet of Things based monitoring, Advanced Analytics and Automation & Control. The name TagBox itself comes from the fact that we want to cost-effectively and reliably tag any supply chain shipment at the highest level of granularity (box), monitor its health real time and ensure that the shipments’ quality is not compromised. Tagbox is working with Retail, Pharma, F&B, Dairy and Glass companies in India and APAC. We believe that the seamless integration of our hardware, software and analytics modules can help predict and prevent supply chain failures globally.

Our Team

Adarsh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer

Adarsh has over 12 years of experience in providing Advanced Analytics solutions to Fortune 500 companies and business development. A MICA alumnus, he was a part of the core leadership team at Mu Sigma before starting TagBox.

Saumitra Singh
Chief Product Officer

Saumitra, an IIT Bombay alumnus, is a Product leader with focus on VLSI and Energy IoT. Over the last 12 years, he has held leadership positions in startups including Cosmic Circuits and Innorel Systems. Saumitra holds 9 US patents.

Sameer Singh
VP, Engineering

Sameer is passionate about research in Communication and Microcontroller AFEs. An IIT Madras alumnus, he has led R&D teams in Texas Instruments, Cadence and Cosmic Circuits. Sameer has also authored 2 IEEE publications.

Somesh Rai
Head of Customer Success

Somesh is a Certified Decision Scientist and loves exploring new machine learning algorithms to solve Supply Chain problems. He has worked with Flipkart and Mu Sigma to deliver various supply chain solutions before TagBox.