Client is a global biopharma manufacturer headquartered in India. Client manufactures different types of vaccines with different temperature requirements for storage and transit. 60% of vaccines are exported to various parts of the world, while 40% are distributed across Indian cities and villages.

Client currently uses passive temperature data loggers for monitoring the export shipments. Trip qualification to identify temperature excursions is human intensive as the logger needs to be plugged into a computer to download the trip PDF report. Additionally, the logger doesn’t advertise temperature data real-time to enable any mid-course interventions.

Tag360 sensors monitor product temperature inside the shipment box

Temperature data is synced to cloud via TagHub GO gateway or TagLink App

Our Solution

Tag360 sensor placed in vaccine box right after manufacturing. At the time of shipping, one TagHub GO gateway is placed in the consolidated shipment for real time data from all boxes. Armed with a global M2M sim card, battery life of 30 days and no installation needs, TagHub GO enables monitoring of cold chain health for most global routes.

For some shipments, where real time data is not needed, only Taglink mobile app is used to transfer data at the hops like port or end destination. The pallet is transferred to port via 3PL reefer truck, stored in port cold storage before finally being shipped to destination via airline or marine route. At destination, the shipment is received by end customers’ C&F agent and carried to customers’ facility via truck or another air transit leg as necessary.

Based on geolocation of airport and ERP triggers of scheduled flight take off time and actual landing time, Taghub GO switches off/on to make it safe for air travel. With this setup TagBox enables real-time interventions at ports and helps in dispute resolution between clients, airlines, port authorities and 3PL partners by giving precise time and geo-location of temperature excursions or shock events. When end of trip trigger is signaled by ERP, a trip qualification report per global regulatory standards is instantly emailed to quality heads for approval.


The client has been able to reduce temperature compliance effort and time from 48 hours to less than 6 hours, improving batch release cycles & inventory turns. Additionally, client can now review global supply chain health, identify root cause of breakdowns and take corrective actions in specific routes.