Client is a B2C e-commerce company. Client made significant investments in cold chain infrastructure, like passive cooling boxes, freezers and state-of-the-art cold rooms. However low compliance from on-field staff to follow passive cooling guidelines while packing boxes is leading to variability in cold chain health. Also, during the complex supply chain operations, the cold boxes were misplaced, leading to order fulfillment issues and boxes going missing.

TagHub FX gateways installed at all warehouses read 1000s of cold boxes real-time while being packed, stored and dispatched.

End customer can view entire product temperature profile on their app

Our Solution

We fitted the passive cooled boxes with Tag360 sensors and affixed barcodes on each box, thereby uniquely identifying it. TagBox APIs were integrated with customer’s ERP, giving ability to track temperature of every order. TagHub FX gateways installed at all warehouses read 1000s of cold boxes real-time while being packed, stored and dispatched.

Within 2 hours of packing the boxes, the customer is able to view the probability of temperature excursion of every order and recommended actions like adding more coolant or repacking. These are calculated using a machine learning algorithm which compares current temperature curve to historical curves and excursion events, and evaluates environmental parameters like external temperature, number of coolant pads, estimated travel time and SKU sensitivity.

During loading, the TagLink app on personnel’s phone, read the sensors and indicate whether they are being loaded in the right vehicle. During the 2-8 hour transit from warehouse to DC, the sensors continue to record temperature. On arrival at DCs, TagHub FX scan & transmit recorded data from upto 200 boxes in a small inward scan window of 5-7 minutes.

During last mile, TagLink App on delivery person’s mobile phone reads temperature and transmits “Delivered temperature” to end consumer’s mobile app, thereby directly impacting customer satisfaction.

Also, throughout the chain, the boxes are read on arrival, dispatch and during transit. Hence, any missing box can be easily tracked using last known location and all details associated with the previous order it was used to deliver.


TagBox’s aggregated analytics helps the client monitor KPIs and identify reasons for excursions. The solution is expected to deliver 30% reduction in product spoilage, 70% reduction in order misplacement and 90% decrease in box loss . TagBox will generate 5-6X ROI for the retailer.