Client is an international quick service restaurant. Client uses logistics service provider for transporting raw materials to over 15 locations in India. The raw materials have to be maintained at -18°C to comply with FSSAI guidelines and maintain global quality standards followed by company. Client wanted a method to painlessly monitor the shipment temperatures for India wide shipments lasting 2 days to 10 days. Also, the client wanted to reduce the time spent in loading the shipment at source and unloading at destination.

Tag360 sensors and TagHub-FX gateways monitor cold room temperatures and humidity

TagHub GO in the reefer truck monitors product temperature and location real-time

Our Solution

Tag360 sensors and TagHub FX gateways were placed in the central processing plant cold rooms. Client personnel placed TagHub GO gateway in the third party refrigerated truck at start of trip. TagBox APIs were integrated with client’s warehousing and transportation management ERPs. With this setup, client was able to get real time temperature and location data and make sure that every product batch is being stored and transported at -18°C.

Additionally client added "expected shipment time" SLAs for transporters. TagBox platform provided real-time ETA information and predicted shipment risk based on expected delays and any excursions that might have happened during trip. With this information, client was able to hold the transporter accountable to better SLAs and subsequently negotiate performance driven commercials.

TagBox also placed TagHub FX gateways at all the gates and docks of destination hubs. As the trucks rolled into the main gate, the vehicle entry time was recorded. Time spent at dock was recorded as unloading time, thereby giving the client information on operational efficiency. TagBox analytics module was able to identify the impact of every additional minute of loading/unloading on temperature inside truck and subsequent excursions.


Client was able to reduce temperature excursions during shipments with the help of real time data and SLA enforcements on transporter. With real-time ETA information, hubs were able to plan dock availability. In the event of an imminent ‘high risk’ shipment due to excursions, hubs were able to prioritize a dock for that truck in order to quickly move product to -18°C zone inside hub cold room.

Insights from loading and unloading time, prompted client to streamline vehicle management inside processing plant and hub. TagBox is now implementing a planning and optimization module to help the client plan vehicle movements, communicate with hubs real-time and ensure the turn-around time of a truck within plant or hub is consistently lower than the set maximum.

Client is now exploring the planning and temperature management of secondary shipments (delivery to QSR retail outlet) with TagBox.